You and Your Doctoral or Thesis Writing Team: Part 14

Students who expect too much from academic editors: reason 2.

The insecure student

If for any reason a student is unsure of his or her content or writing ability, the student desperately looks for someone in the doctoral chain to give reassurance and do the work for him or her. As a student, content is your preserve. You have chosen your topic. You need to refine your topic. Your university faculty team need to assist with the molding of your content. To some extent they can also help with the editing. The tidying of the writing can be improved by a good academic editor. Please note, I said improved, not written by the editor. You provide the goods, the content; the editor will help hone the end product.

Again understanding your responsibility, knowing what is required, and becoming confident with the process will give you the freedom not be a needy student looking for confirmation outside of yourself when you should be focusing within and simply using all the available help as sounding boards.