About LOL

Language Online Editing: from 2003

About Desray J

I started teaching the moment I could convince someone to listen, or so my parents tell me. I certainly remember trying to sit my younger brother down and teach him: he would not sit still!. I had my own blackboard from really young. Both my parents where amazing role models. I think it is in the genes. I started my working life in a physical classroom: for 20 years. While teaching, the shift to academic editing started organically: been editing for 30+ years now: first on paper and now mainly online.

The start and growth of Language Online

Online education literally grabbed me overnight in 2002; first just me and then an ever-growing team. The online Language Online service started out with various projects: reviewing and editing for the University of Phoenix, Western International University, Ashford University, Centrum Catolica, and a private US tutoring company.

Now Language Online is simply international because of its online nature. LOL team members have worked extensively with students and schools in the US and Canada, but as far afield as Europe, China, Hong Kong, Korea, South Africa, Ethiopea, Peru.

This website is about editing, but Language Online has always been about numerous language projects:

  1. Editing: we correct the document: language, style, formatting. Available to anyone, but particularly for students, and at any level. This is usually paid for by the student, university, or the business.
  2. Content Editing: we assist you with how to improve your flow. Could be paid for by the student or school.

Being in touch

I welcome all contact. If you want to be in touch with me, Desray J, personally, then email is usually best. After all, Language Online is an online service. It is simply easier to follow the email chain. Always wise to allow a 24-hour response time though, and simply to email or call again if no response. Cyber contact can have its dysfunctional moments. My email address: desray(at)languageonline.us OR Use the Contact US tab.

Phone contact–reserve this for emergencies:
In the USA: Tel: +1 602-904-5501
Available: 6-11 a.m. (Mountain Time)
Leave a message if lines busy.

In South Africa: Tel: +27 21-531-5034
Available: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (GMT +2)
No message facility.