Faculty comments

I have used the services of Language Online for students in my role as Dean at the University of Phoenix and at Bridgepoint Education. This is an excellent service that addresses an area of great need in higher education in the United States. I work primarily with returning adult students, and while many of them have the intellectual capacity for university studies, their writing skills are not up to par. LOL helps students improve their skills in the context of their real life studies.
Elizabeth T. Tice, Ph.D.

Language Online provides a thorough, professional review of word usage, punctuation, and grammar for papers that are submitted from the freshman to doctoral levels. Reviews also address issues of development, style, and format. As a team committed to excellence, these reviewers work with one another to update their skills and also receive ongoing training in order to provide comprehensive, consistent reviews. Writers appreciate the help provided by the Language Online reviewers to improve their writing not only for the submitted paper but also for their future papers.
Norma J. Turner, Ph.D.

 Student Comments

I am very grateful for Language Online’s (LOL) thoroughness and suggestions that have supported my efforts to “polish” my dissertation such that my research has improved editorial meaning and contributes to future research. I am much happier with the second edited product than the first product that LOL initially received and edited. The second revision edited from LOL helped me to refine the revision process and to focus my dissertation towards its final product and my Doctorate Degree.

Thank you for LOL’s excellent APA and editing services.

Regards, Dr. P. M. Salisbury

Dr. Nazem Minkara:

The doctoral journey with Language Online started in Feb 2006 and culminated in Nov 2007.

My special thanks for your efforts in finalizing my doctoral trip. Your special and detailed attention to the APA and UOP requirements led to the approval of my dissertation write-up. I learned a lot from your comments and am looking forward for your continued involvement in my future articles.

Review Service: Oct 2007 Rachel

Thank you so much!!! Tell H I appreciate her quick response and helpful tips SO VERY MUCH. I really did not have time to do much editing (as she could tell), and I was keeping my fingers crossed that she could get it back in time to submit on time. Due to her diligence, I had plenty of time to take her suggestions and run with it.

H is the best!!

Eric L
July 2007
Thanks for response, truly appreciate it.   I’ve now completed the revisions and plan to submit to my committee from approval.  If I get significant push back, which I don’t anticipate I will then submit to LOL once again.  I will let you know how it goes.  Again thanks.

August 2007
If I have to make additional changes I will definitely be submitting.  Also, do you also review Journal articles.  Once I get final approval I plan to publish an article on the findings.
October 2007
Wanted to let you know I’ve gotten final dean approval for my dissertation, so it’s finally over.  Thanks for all your help and once I move to publication I’m sure I will use your editing services again.  Thanks.

Dec 2005
Wild Lions couldn’t drag me away from you!  LOL
As soon as I get this paper polished up I’m planning to sit down and review the course syllabus for the next class.  I’ll be sending the course information to you for your review.  Then, I’ll sign back up again for your excellent tutoring services.
I’m in the middle of recalculating my student loan funding and I’m adding your cost to the equation for future classes.
 Roger K

  July 2005
Thank you very much for all your guidance and support throughout the
process of submitting my proposal. Just wanted to let you know that I
have submitted the final proposal to the IRB/ARB. Your long hours and
excellent support are greatly appreciated!

Sept 2005
Yes, B did a great job on the power point and I have fully integrated all her comments. I am waiting to hear back from the committee on both the dissertation and defense for final comments.

Oct 2005
The defense went well Friday with no changes needed. Hooray!

Dec 2005: official statement for LOL
My proposal and dissertation were approved on the first submission through the University of P review process. One of the key success factors throughout this entire process was having had comprehensive reviews done by Language Online. I chose to have them review all my documents, throughout the entire process. That decision proved to be well worth the investment. The teams at Language Online are responsive, thorough and competent in their work. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking to develop an outstanding dissertation in a timely manner.
Larry J. Lelah, D.M.

Maria C February 11, 2005
Thank you for the editing – very helpful and very humbling!!
Thank you for the offer of another review. I know I will definitely take you up on this with the final dissertation.

Dissertation August 10, 2004
I dread the thought of revising the TOC, but I knew it was coming. Thanks for the excellent work and delivering the results on time. Now it is my turn to dig in!
Thanks again.
Proof of success August 22, 2004
I recently utilized the editing services of Language Online to help me prepare my doctoral dissertation for submission to the University of ….
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the reviewer for his/her excellent and comprehensive review and comments on my dissertation. Throughout my academic and professional career, I have often received positive feedback on my writing style and ability. I reviewed my own dissertation at least 6 times after it was completed and before I sent it to your editor. I expected to have little need for the professional editing service. I found results to the contrary. There were obvious blind spots in my writing style such as long engrained punctuation rules which do not comply with APA and my repeated tendency to use [awkward] split infinitives. I used a significant number of news wire sources in my qualitative research that challenged my own understanding of APA reference formatting. Your excellent editor identified all of these issues and more with a remarkable attention to detail.
The real purpose of this note to you is to communicate this one fact: With the assistance of your talented editor, my work was raised to a new level of format and style that I could never have achieved on my own. I could truthfully look at the edited version and say, “Wow! I would never have seen that.” While I am proud of the research I conducted, and the quality of that work, the dissertation would not have been the same quality without the valuable input from your editor. The work was thorough, and delivered on time as promised. I cannot thank you enough for the valuable contribution you made to my work.
I am pleased to inform you that my dissertation was accepted by the University of … without revision!
Would you please share my comments with the individual who did my editing. Your services were well worth the financial cost!
And in reply to my request to quote Dave verbatim August 23, 2004
You certainly have my permission to share my thoughts on your excellent service. I have already recommended you to those in my cohort who are not yet complete.
Keep up the good work!

Dave Taschler

Proposal July 7, 2004

Thanks for sending the reviewed copy. I do see that saving pennies and sending you the entire document will be well worth it.
Dissertation December 29, 2004 and January 1, 2005
Your review was very thorough and helpful. Thank you for the very rapid responses. Your editing is great!

Patrick M

Mary S 2 May 2004
Thank you for your thorough service. I have a lot of work to do. 🙂 However, I am glad I sent it to you.

Proposal Jan 23, 2004
I am shocked at the number of errors you found on the first draft. I thought I had done a good job of finding and correcting the errors. The truth is [that at first] I was overwhelmed with the quantity of the feedback. As I got into the paper and began to make changes, my feelings turned to gratitude. It is a much better paper for the help you/your team provided.

Dissertation March 5, 2004
I appreciate the work it takes to read such tedious tomes with impeccable detail.

And the final proof of success March 30, 2004
I’m done!!
Thanks for your help.
Dr. Brett M