Does your edit include formatting my paper?

Absolutely. But formatting comes in parts:

  1. General MSWord formatting and making sure such formatting is consistent across the document.
  2. If you are using a specific referencing style, like Harvard or APA 5th or 6th ed., be sure to tell us.

Most universities or departments have their own preferences over and above the referencing style. Please send us your university’s Style Guide and we will accommodate it.

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Do you track changes? And how will I know why you have made certain changes.

  • If you look at the website example, you’ll see we do track all changes using MSWord’s own tracking feature.
  • We also provide ongoing feedback: both within the edited document and separately.
  • When I return your edit, I will send a document that explains how to work with the  tracked changes and the other forms of feedback we provide or you can download it from the FAQs under the PDF Info Files section.

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FAQ Confidentiality

What is the policy about confidentiality?
Rest assured that all information is confidential. This is a basic tenet with all the work Language Online does for any institution or individual. However, anything posted to the Internet can be vulnerable.

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Writing Content

Do you assist in any way with the content of my work?

For a traditional edit, no.
There the focus is checking language, formatting and expression.
For a content edit, of course.
But you still need to do the work. No writing from our side. However, to ensure writing that will have any academic standing, our academic integrity and your editorial independence are crucial. We prefer to work with students with their supervisor/mentor’s knowledge. The moment you know you need additional help, start engaging with a content editor. For post-graduate work, your editor will take you back to basics, honing your purpose, your questions, organizing your literature, and so forth.


Email Desray J Britz immediately from the Contact Us page the moment you are ready for a content edit, so that an editor can be allocated.

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What must I send other than my paper for editing?

  • Any style guides from your university or department.
  • Any feedback that anyone might have given you. Walking the tightrope of making everyone who has a say over your work happy is hard. We can help make sure that preferences are also included, if reasonable, if you send such preferences to us.
  • When you submit, there are 3 separate fields that allow you to attach files:
  • One for a style guide
  • One for any feedback
  • One for the document that requires editing

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Do you know my university’s requirements?

LOL editors are familiar with standard academic requirements. Where we have worked with students from a particular university, or department at a university, we get to know the style requirements. But universities and departments do make changes. So always include the most recent electronic style guide and we will accommodate the requirements.

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