You and Your Doctoral or Thesis Writing Team: Part 13

By now you should have a good idea of what help is available to you as a master’s or doctoral student both from your school and from online services. You should also be clear what is your responsibility. Yet we repeatedly see perfectly intelligent doctoral students expecting academic editors to be miracle workers.

From experience there seem to be a number of reasons. Let me discuss the 4 obvious reasons in the next few blogs. These are not judgments, but rather observations. Most of them are within the power of the student to change if wanting to.

So to get started. Students who expect too much from academic editors: reason 1.

The lazy student

Writing is a dynamic process, ever-changing, and hopefully ever-improving. I find myself saying that over and over because I believe in it so much. A student who just wants a quick fix, as if producing a product rather than dynamic research work, wants someone else to do much of the work. Who better than the academic editor? And when their quick-fix approach backfires, who better to blame than the editor.

The solution for a student is of course to understand your role, the school’s role, and the outside editor’s role and then confusion can never exist.