FAQ Ethical

Is it ethical to obtain writing help for academic work?

It is essential.

Schools always have instructors/faculty or graduate students available to assist; a sure indicator of how important it is to receive ongoing writing help. Many have onground writing labs or online writing labs.

Undergrad tutoring or mentoring: term papers, class assignments.

Sometimes extra help beyond the classroom or school is needed. A writer, especially one who is struggling with writing or who is rusty, needs an impartial eye to assist with the tightening up of the writing process and to spot inconsistencies. The idea with online tutoring is to keep the writer’s voice, but to assist the writer with gradual improvement and an ever-increasing ability to write more fluently. Serious students should use tutors and mentors while necessary. There comes a time to move beyond tutoring and mentoring, but you will know when the time is right. Then you say your farewells.

Editing for post-graduate work: thesis, proposal, dissertation.

You are the content expert. Sometimes one just needs that impartial eye to tidy up language and formatting and maintain consistency. All authors and publishing houses use editors, why wouldn’t you?