How do I pay?

Two choices:

Paypal or Credit Card

To pay through PayPal:

After Submission, you will automatically have the choice to pay from PayPal.

Login on the right hand side of the web page.


If you need to pay via PayPal at another time, simply go to www.paypal.com and pay to info(at)languageonline.us

First log in as normal and then pay.

To pay by credit card (2 options)

After submission, ignore PayPal option on right-hand side, and look to the left.

You might need to click through first to the credit card option.


Some countries might not have this option.

Then you need to return to the Editing | Buy Now page and pay from a different Gateway.

Use the Setcom credit card option.

DO NOT register separately.

Simply enter credit card details and billing address on the left each time you pay with Setcom.


Both PayPal and Setcom are easy to use and both are secure.

Both will confirm your payment by email.

If not, contact LOL immediately from Contact Us page.