You and Your Doctoral or Thesis Writing Team: Part 15

Students who expect too much from academic editors: reason 3.

The ill-equipped or ill-advised student

Students sometimes just are not aware of the levels of help that the university should extend to them. As academic editors, we see this with campus-based and online students. It is clearly the student’s job to find out exactly who should be doing what to help. But it is equally the faculty’s role, to facilitate the student in understanding who is available to help, what resources the university has on hand, and what to expect.

Not any different to the lazy or insecure student. You must get down to finding out what is available to you. You are not alone in your studies. The school gains as much as you do when you graduate successfully. So make them work for the right to include you in their stats and thus get additional funding and be able to advertise how successful they are at producing graduates.