You and Your Doctoral or Thesis Writing Team: Part 16

Students who expect too much from academic editors: reason 4

The lazy advisor and advisory committee

The very people allocated by the university to help you often expect the editor ‘to fix’ everything. Or worse, they like to shift their responsibility, when they should be helping. Even with all the help available, the doctoral road is seldom linear. There are always bumps in the road, constant rewriting, and delays. Students and faculty know this, and to expect an editor to make the process completely linear is unrealistic. A good editor will smooth the road, but bumps there will be. Simply how the process works.

This is more difficult to work around because it is not strictly speaking in your hands. You may or may not have had a hand in choosing your faculty help. Either way, there are no guarantees the relationship will work. Essentially you need to be an informed and confident student to weather this difficulty. You must know enough to keep to not allow a advisory member to shift work or blame onto an editor. This is a big no-win situation if the editor is the fall person.