Online Courses and Fields

You might also be wondering if some courses or fields of study are more suited to online studies than others.

Because of the nature of technology, the basics and theory of almost any course can be taught online. Type “online universities” into your browser and surprise yourself. Expect to see courses for

  • business
  • education
  • administration
  • marketing and advertising
  • human resources
  • nursing and pharmaceutical
  • law
  • and much more.
  • Don’t forget military education and technology.

Of course schools specialize. That is part of what you will investigate when researching a suitable university. Find a school that focuses on your interests or level of training like a diploma, an associate degree, a 4-year bachelors degree, a master’s, and a doctoral degree.

Interestingly enough, most so-called traditional schools have online aspects, either classes or full degree programs.

And also of interest is that the 5 schools I mentioned in the last post have both online and onground/offline classes and courses, but they are known for being online universities.

Now what are online schools’ specialties? I was simply putting your mind at ease about the legitimacy of studying online and where to start and what to check initially. Now it is really up to you to research what each school offers in terms of content and support. Consider it the beginning of your online journey.

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