From a Course to a Degree

To finish this series of posts I had the following thoughts about how students often get to the point of studying online. This is particularly true for returning adult students.

Often studying seriously starts with doing a short course. Could be for your own interest or for work. That is exactly how my husband started.

  • He started with a short course recommended and paid-for by his work.
  • This in turn led to a certified course.
  • Then he really became interested in doing his degree.
  • But he was in his 30’s, married, had a job, was busy building a house, so guess what?
  • There was no chance of attending university onground and full-time or even at a brick and mortar school part-time.
  • So it had to be part-time, and more particularly it had to long distance.

The good news is what started out as studying mainly by post gradually started shifting to online. Okay, this was dark ages as in the last century (giggle), but today the options for studying online are endless.

Most local colleges and many traditional universities offer some or all courses and programs online. And then of course the traditionally well-known online universities like the University of Phoenix, DeVry, Kaplan, and Capella offer a wide selection of programs online. I think often the criticism leveled against online universities is because they offer a full range, from single courses all the way to 4-year degrees and master’s and doctoral programs. Not understanding the full range is where the confusion about the level of the education comes in. People end up judging a school by its starter and often fun courses. Silly really.

So start with a course, get the feel of the online process, and the world is at your feet.

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