What About an Online Academic Editing Service?

Before thinking more about online schools let me digress a little. The checklist for validating an educational institution and an online academic editing service differs. It is really about scale. I’m going to focus on Language Online, of course.

Unlike a school, an online editing service is often just a cyberspace presence with contact by email, website, and phone. More is simply not needed depending on the size of the service. So I will not invite you to visit my compact offices, or my home, or to meet the editors in person. Most of the LOL editors work from their homes and are based all over the country, but we are always in touch with each other via the internet and phone.

However, a word of mouth referral is worth gold. Usually a professor, adviser, friend, colleague, or even family member.

One of my favorite stories is when a young student who had literally used us for a first time, got really excited when she recognized a tutor name and realized that Language Online had worked with her mother at a different school. She could not stop praising us because her mom had spoken so highly about us.

So read the testimonials of an online service, or better yet, if someone you know refers a language service, LOL in this case, you know all is well. See my earlier post about the value of referrals.

But enough about Language Online for now. We’re confident about the quality of our service.

PS Do you want to create a checklist for choosing an online editor? Read Desray J Britz’s article at Ezine Magazine.