You and Your Doctoral or Thesis Writing Team: Part 5

Too little help


This is frustrating especially if the person is meant to be helping. The worst is probably an “absent” advisor. A missing advisory committee member or committee members is less troubling, but can backfire in the long run because committee members are meant to be the sounding board before you put yourself out there for approval to your school and eventually to the world.

But if an important team member is “missing,” it does at least leave you the option of finding good, outside, often paid-for help. Your most likely option is a good content editor at a fairly substantial fee. Problem is that if an academic editor is your main source of help, you have no barometer of what your school might accept. For example, there is literally nothing worse than to have poured your heart into a proposal only to have the proposal thrown back with little guidance. There is nothing you or an editor can do about such poor help and often it means huge delays because of a dysfunctional system.

Always equip yourself with a thorough understanding of what you can do. For starters, access the no cost and paid-for help professionals like Language Online editors’ offer.


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