Why Study Online?

The freedom of technology if comfortable with it

I constantly see question about why people study online and observations about how technology has given us greater freedoms.

No mystery why people study further. They need a skill or qualification to further a career of themselves. Simple really. The difficulty is about access to education. The difficulties can be many or few and will differ in degree for everyone.

Some obvious problems:

  1. Finding the time to study is a big problem.
  2. Finding the right school and course/s to study is important.
      * In terms of your needs
      * In terms of what they offer
  3. Finding a school that you can afford is important.

People who have time to dedicate themselves to studying, usually at a campus, often far from home, and with financial help are not overly concerned by the above points. But once life grabs you, any attempt to continue one’s studies can be tough. Studying online has opened up the educational doors to many learners who would have otherwise been stuck.

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