Who Chooses an Online Editor?

I read some information recently that got me thinking all over about what is involved with choosing to study online and in turn what kind of student chooses to use an online academic editing service.

Language Online is an online editing service. Hence students who are comfortable with being online are the ones most likely to use our service. That often translates into students who study online in some way. That could be studying only online, or taking a combination of onground and online classes, namely blended education.

My point is students must not be scared of

  • computers
  • the internet
  • transmitting data online
  • paying online.

If any of the 4 factors cause anxiety, we are not likely to see the student. Younger students, who often seemed hard wired for technology, usually have no problem using online resources. Older students are more circumspect. However, they often see the value of getting editing or tutoring help more than a younger person does, and hence once past the anxiety of using the computer, they are amazing to work with.

I think I’ll explore some ideas about online studying.

So more next time.