The Self-Discipline of Online Studying

Here’s the rub. Studying online is hard work. Why? The discipline all rests with you. It is up to you to find a routine and stick to it. It is up to you to find those extra moments to put to good use.

The action of having to go to class means you are getting regular input. It is easy to let online classes slide. If you do not make a regular conscious effort to keep up to date with your online studies, you will be in trouble. Note I said regular. There is a point beyond which it becomes impossible to catch up if you are not a motivated, organized student when online. All that advice about being disciplined, having good study habits, having good reading and writing skills, all of that is even more important with online studying.

The trade off, you can work when at your best, wherever you are.

Just yesterday I had to do the tedious drive to and from the doctor, the wait, the X-ray, back to the doctor, and the pharmacist routine. I barely noticed the hours drag by. I had my ipod and ereader with me and some material I’m busy teaching myself. A brilliant use of time. And the extra bonus, it was midmorning when I’m at my best.

So studying online allows you to access your work from anywhere, a hotel, home, work, the sky is literally the limit :roll:. Often you can access your classes from any computer. You can download files, audio, video to use on devices that suit your learning style.

All of this means convenience, convenience and of course self-discipline and more self-discipline.