Criteria for Choosing that Online School?

The Essence of choosing a school

This is one hot potato depending on whom you talk to. The consensus out there is that choosing an accredited school or course is important if you want to be marketable. When I hear arguments about worthless degrees or diplomas, it always boils down to whether the marketplace values the course and school you have chosen.

Without intending to, this immediately drives me to the next hot potato. Does one choose a for-profit school or not? The not-for-profit graduates often look down their noses at the for-profit schools. I guess this is a leftover of an era where education and business did not mix and untarnished-by-money-ivory-tower thinking was expected. Frankly, those days are gone. I do not think the argument is about money anymore, but about being ethical. The academic arena is one competitive place, and not for the feint-hearted. If you want to see academic daggers, just think tenure and the need to publish regularly. And this has nothing to do with being a for-profit institution or not.

So let’s be clear. Identify a school the marketplace respects if that is important to you and do not confuse the issue about for-profit or not-for-profit. Do your research and find reputable online schools and courses. Many traditional campuses are now offering some online courses as well. To my mind, the fact that the traditional schools are coming onboard with online courses is pretty definitive that online is the new way.

So here is the criteria. Do not be misled. Stay focused. Find what works for you in terms of

  • time
  • reputation of institution or course
  • whether it is affordable.

I love that online is becoming so ordinary. I am a firm believer that students who have greater control over their studies and are able to work at their own pace are better student and gain a better understanding of what they are studying. This would include being able to choose to have independent academic tutoring and academic editing when needed.

Dovetails exactly with what Language Online is offering and believes in.

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