Some More Thoughts about Online Accreditation

Which universities does one think about when one thinks traditional, respected, and accredited?

Most of us can real off a few personal favorites. But here is the interesting point. When you think about a traditional, brick and mortar university, do you ever think accreditation? I guess most times one assumes the accreditation is in place. I certainly never remember thinking accreditation when I first studied at my brick and mortar university.

So which universities are well known? How about Harvard, Princeton, and Yale for starters? Bet you’ve heard of those three. What did they have to do to be accredited. Quite simply they had to meet special predetermined criteria and maintain those criteria to keep their accreditation. So it is not a case of you are accredited and that’s it forever. On the contrary, standards have to be maintained.

Guess what? Online universities go through the same stringent requirements. I’ve been around when a new university or a newly acquired university was busy working towards accreditation. It takes work to achieve and some really hard work to maintain accreditation. But that is your barometer about the well-being of school. So if you have any concerns, do the work and check.

If you want the detail of accreditation, research it. Everything is available for those who want the details. Or be kind and share the information right here by using the ShareThis icon.