More Authors and Books

Back to braingle and more famous books and their authors. I love when I don’t always get all the books or authors. See if you are better at it than I am. One could easily make up a ton of these.

Same formula. Letters have been taken from each book and each author.

From the letter list below fill in each letter to give the names of the books and authors.

An-e-s and D-m-ns
D-n -ro-n

Pe- Se-at-r-
S-ep-en K-n-

C-r-nic-es of N-r–a
C – L-wi-

A F-re-e-l to A-m-
E-n-st H-mi-gw-y

A M-sq-e of Me-c-
Ro-e-t Fr-s-

T-e Hu-t for R-d Oc-o-e-
T-m C-a-cy

Jo-n Gri-h-m

Angels and Demons
Dan Brown

Pet Sematary
Stephen King

Chronicles of Narnia
C S Lewis

A Farewell to Arms
Ernest Hemingway

A Masque of Mercy
Robert Frost

The Hunt for Red October
Tom Clancy

John Grisham