Grammar Blogging: Is it Useful?

I already have regular emails that go out twice a week to people who have signed up for my Grammar Tips. These are pretty comprehensive. But of course, it takes time to work through all of the issues that come to mind.

Recently a student who uses LOL’s editing service asked if I had anything specific on commas. This is in response to that request and the first of the serious grammar blog posts. I’ve been rather undecided about whether to even tackle grammar details on this blog. The truth is there are many resources out there on the web and I did not really want to recreate the wheel. One of my favorites blogs on grammar and one that has become really well known is Grammar Girl.

But hey, I dream about grammar, so why not blog about grammar. It’s what I breath. No giggles please. Everyone must have their own area of expertise.

Not sure I would have personally chosen to start with commas, but it sure is as good a place as any. And it is in direct response to a need.

Deep breath for the comma roller coaster ride. (PS I love roller coasters)