You and Your Doctoral or Thesis Writing Team: Part 1

You and Your editor.

Understanding the role of the various players in your thesis or doctoral writing is really important. If you don’t, you could end up confused, frustrated, angry and disillusioned. And all because you were not clear about who is supposed to do what. My focus is obviously the academic editor’s role, in particular the copy editor.

The copy editor is the one who is supposed to play the supportive role and help from the sidelines. The person who should in fact have no direct affiliation with your school, so some semblance of objectivity can be included.

Your job as a student is to read, plan, write, clarify your problem statement or research questions, and write and write, conduct research, analyze outcomes, and conclude and suggest. This is one mammoth task. Good reason it can takes many years, much energy, much time, and much money. But it is your role and no one else’s.

Also a good idea to start early with an academic editor. Work together chapter by chapter. Then have the proposal checked. And right at the end of the journey the whole thesis or dissertation. See what resources the person or website offers and use them. Like this blog. Or receiving regular grammar tips.

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