Comma Splices Part 1

Getting going

To start understanding comma usage, let’s look at comma splices. This is actually an incorrect use of a comma and an error that many people make all the time, whether they are first or second language speakers. For that reason, it is very important to know what it is and how it can be fixed.

The comma splice happens for two reasons:

  1. It seems to allow thoughts to flow.
  2. People do not understand the basics of what constitutes a sentence unit.A comma splice is a subcategory of sentence boundary errors. The comma splice occurs when
  • There are two or more complete ideas in a single sentence
  • Those complete ideas are joined together by only commas

Here are some complete sentences that could be joined together:

The airline went bankrupt. It no longer flies.
I bought a red dress. My sister bought a black dress.
He went to the store. He bought milk.

When the complete sentences above are joined incorrectly with only a comma, the comma splice error occurs. Take a look below:

The airline went bankrupt, it no longer flies. INCORRECT
I bought a red dress, my sister bought a black dress. INCORRECT
He went to the store, he bought milk. INCORRECT

Think about this for a day. Tomorrow the corrections