Avoiding Commas with Essential Elements Exercise

Apply Your New Found guidelines

Fun to remove commas instead of trying to remember to add them. Sometimes you think a comma is needed and in fact it is not. Just as comma splice and run-on errors happen because of a lack of understanding the coordinate comma, so unnecessary commas happen when used to section off essential elements.

Problem sentences:

  1. He is dreaming, that he can fly.
  2. The candidate who had the least money lost the election.
  3. They are wet, because they had been standing in the rain.
  4. Drivers, who do not wear seatbelts, should be fined.

Correct comma usage:

  1. He is dreaming that he can fly.
  2. No change is necessary.
  3. They are wet because they had been standing in the rain.Because” is a subordinate conjunction so no comma shows that the last part is necessary to explain the first part
  4. Drivers who do not wear seatbelts should be fined.

If your are still following the comma blogs, an easy comma rule coming up, I think ….

The next item is serial commas!

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