APA 6th Edition and Spacing after Sentence Period

I wrote about the Farhad Manjoo article that totally disagrees with the use of two spaces after the period. Well he supplies a link to Sarah Wiederkehr’s article about why APA 6th suggested two articles. Sarah is part of the official voice of APA, so to my mind, fairly authoritive.

Note that she clearly refers to a draft manuscript.
[pullquote_right] The new edition of the Publication Manual recommends that authors include two spaces after each period in draft manuscripts.[/pullquote_right]

Click here to read the article itself

I still do not agree that one should be spending time on two spaces, meaning many hours of wasted time. Then when you publish, you waste more time changing it all back to one. Basically it is beyond me. But as an editor, I see the so-called two-space “rule” all the time in school’s guides, especially the Dissertation Guides. I guess it is always a draft for them. I certainly have never been asked to convert back to one space just before publication for example in ProQuest. So possibly it is a misunderstanding of APA’s intent.

Okay, I promise, not another word on this topic.