You and Your Doctoral or Thesis Writing Team: Part 2

So who else is involved in your thesis or doctoral journey. A reminder, you first, and of course an academic editor at some point.

Advisor and Committee

Next is your advisor/chair/supervisor/mentor/professor. I’ll just refer to a advisor from now on.

An advisor is there to guide you and encourage you. Likewise with your advisory committee members.

  1. If you are fortunate, everyone officially involved with your work will be interested enough in you and your process to give you sufficient guidance. Consider yourself lucky.
  2. Too much help, especially if it is pedantic is painful though. So much so that you will be unsure whose ideas to follow. Know that this situation is an added complication.
  3. If you are unfortunate, you will get so little help, you will not know before critical moments like submission of the proposal and submission of the dissertation or defense that there is a problem. Consider yourself very unlucky.

So your team is growing: you + academic editor + mentor + advisory team. The trick is to make sure you are well-equipped for the journey. Use a combination of the school’s resources and online resources. Language Online has much to offer. Browse and see what works for you.

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