You, Your Tutor, and the Process!

So you and a tutor have started working together. Your own focus is narrow, probably on each essay in turn. Your tutor is always aware of the bigger picture and journey you are both undertaking. The speed of that journey is entirely up to you. A tutor never minds repeating, but if you are not listening, expect a snail’s pace.
Your tutor will keep in mind that planning and thinking subject, audience, and purpose are important. Each tutor keeps these guiding principles in mind.
Let’s think a 3-step journey.
First will be the outline. You write one, and your tutor can check it. You then go ahead and write the essay.

Second, the tutor will examine your essay in terms of the higher order concerns (HOCs). This will include introduction/conclusion, main idea/thesis, content development, organization, use of resources. You then rewrite adding what is missing and rearranging or deleting as needed.
The third and final step will be lower order concerns (LOCs) like the formatting of resources, sentence structure, and all grammar and mechanics concerns. It does not need to be everything, but certainly start big problems and eventually many months down the line, focus on minute detail.

This process of steadily working with a tutor should produce a strong essay, but more importantly, you should steadily be building up a depth of knowledge about essay writing you will never forget.