Ideas on Writing a Good Essay: Part 1

Okay, I’m going to tell you exactly how to write an essay.


  1. The starting point is being clear about the required writing pattern, e.g. narration essay, cause and effect essay, persuasion and argument essay, or something completely different like a resume, memo, or whatever.
  2. Next is the actual topic.
  3. The required pattern will determine the promised shape of your essay and where and how to include the ALL IMPORTANT thesis statement.
  4. The topic will keep you focused.
  5. Ideally you should start with an outline. A good outline is worth gold. It saves hours of work after the fact.
  6. If you are working with the same tutor, this could in fact become a 3-step process: outline/plan, HOC review, LOC review.

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve written something to later wish I had taken the time to plan first. Saves hours of fixing and rewriting time after the fact.