Why Does One Need a Tutor?

After all my posts, it dawned upon me that I should probably address why I think tutoring is of value. My answer is simple. I was in the classroom for close on 20 years. I think I did good work. BUT …, and I say this with emphasis, but I do believe my greatest success was when I was able to give students more personal attention. In the setting of the classroom, personal attention is not always possible. Everyone works at different rates. Ideally one should be working at the rate of the student. So what does this say about education? Well, without quoting anyone, and speaking purely from experience and observation, when one is able meet a student head on, that is when great learning takes place.
Think far back in time. One was apprenticed to an expert. One learned by experience. One learned well. It is no different today. Hand-on help works. At some point, you become the expert and no longer need much help. It was and is that simple :).

Read my next post for some comments from a LOL tutor to a student.