What is Reviewing or Online Tutoring?

Here’s a scenario.

You write an academic essay. Does not matter for which subject. How do you know before submitting for grading that you are on the right track? Often as a student you have no clue. If you’re lucky your professor might explain when returning the grade how you could have done it better. Most times the feedback is minimal. The person just does not have the time to write in-depth feedback to every student.

So what is the answer?

You need your own personal reviewer or tutor. Simple. Let me point out right now that a tutor never writes for you or fixes your work. Also, tutoring works best for shorter papers.

So what does a tutor do? A tutor helps identify areas of weakness and strength. You then use any insights to improve that particular essay. You also take away new knowledge of how to write just that bit better for next time. But of course the permutations in terms of essay types and topics are many. This is not a quick fix. It requires repeated help over a period of time. And it works. Language Online tutors witness this amazing process over and over.

Many schools have onground help writing help. And it is usually good help. BUT there is a limit in terms of how many students can be helped and how often. Also, it is not always easy to get to the physical premises during opening times. When do you as a student usually write and need help? At night? On the weekends? Are the onground writing labs available. Probably not. Now an online tutoring service usually has a team of people and hence are often available 24/7. Certainly Language Online is available most days of the year.

Next post will be about understanding the available tutoring models.

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