Online education = Distance Learning

Immediate access to an editor

I’m so used to talking online and onground that I forget that online education is in fact distance education and onground education is the good old brick and mortar setup.

Before the internet, distance education was about receiving and sending your work via the postal service. That was great and had its place. It is not completely dead, but let’s face it, online means immediate access. I doubt that successful distance education will ever move back to the postal service. Postal gives you some flexibility, but of course we are living in a world of immediate communication and access.

Let me give some examples of how flexible online academic education is from my perspective.

Language Online often has one-to-one contact between students and tutors and editors. So we get to hear where students are physically situated at the moment they are in touch.

Let me share: babysitting the neighbors’ child or babysitting the grandchildren (how’s that for across the generations 😀 ), at a conference in a hotel, at work, on the plane, or my favorite, on a bus in China. Actually quite often we hear from folk at hospitals keeping vigil with friends or family. Such dedication is awesome. As you can tell this all about laptops and wireless access. Technology at its best.

I simply love that we are all so connected and that the educational playing field is so level. Gives a completely new meaning to distance education. Allows everyone the luxury of easy access to editing as well.

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