Getting Started

Language Online (US) has been going since 2002 and came online somewhere in 2003. In the last two years, I’ve become more connected with my clients. Naturally I’m always in email contact with anyone who uses my editing service. I’m also contactable by phone is the US mornings. But email is the easiest way to be in touch with me. I’m pretty much connected to my computer at even odd hours in the day. The phone is just mornings and the wait is easily 24-48 hours for a reply.

But in addition, I’ve added a newsletter, which I send out occasionally. I added a Grammar Tips section which has been enormously successful. The nicest part is that I can respond to requests for certain discussions to be included. I have a few email lessons available and have had such great feedback on the usefulness of these lessons. At the moment, these are all free services. In time, more comprehensive paid-for services are possible.

I plan to ask past clients and current clients to do some surveys so I can be sure to include products and services you need. In this current day of instant connectivity, it is essential that you not only hear from me, but that I hear from you as well. And hence the decision to go ahead with this blog. This too allows me regular contact with you and space for you to be in touch.

Editing and reviewing your work is very personal, both for you and the editor. I need to know that we are in sync. All the various contact routes in place now should keep all channels open. Here’s to many happy hours of blogging on my part.