Some Pointers for Finding a Good Online University

Start with making sure it is a real school and not a diploma mill.

These are just thoughts. They are simply part of your investigations. You would still need to check the actual courses and type of university. Some schools are better at some disciplines than others. But before that decision, check that the school is real!

Here’s a provisional checklist. Add some of your own as well:

  1. Do they say they are accredited? That is a good start.
  2. Check their accreditation independently.
  3. Check that there a real physical address and not just a website. Even a completely online university needs administration staff: to keep track of your records and credits, to sort out your payments.
  4. Be sure the teaching is from actual qualified faculty and not just about course material.
  5. Do not pay for a whole degree. They should only require you to pay course by course, or semester by semester. Beware diploma mills.
  6. Some kind of assessment of your skills and education level will be needed. Could include an aptitude test and entrance exam. Rejoice if these are required.
  7. Does whoever is prepared to assist with financing, like an employer, accept the school.
  8. If possible, see if anyone you know has studied with the school. Nothing like a referral to settle the nerves. But do not put too much store on one person’s experience.
  9. I think you can see where I’m going. both an online and offline aspect of an online school or course must exist. The bonus with an online course is that the school could be based anywhere and you can still study through it successfully 😎 .

Does that help focus you thoughts?

Basically this will get you started when choosing an online school.