Sample paper and Tracking

Sample paper and tracking

Do you track changes? And how will I know why you have made certain changes.

  • If you look at the website example, you’ll see we do track all changes using MSWord’s own tracking feature.
  • We also provide ongoing feedback: both within the edited document and separately.
  • When I return your edit, I will send a document that explains how to work with the  tracked changes and the other forms of feedback we provide or you can download it from the FAQs under the PDF Info Files section.

Can you send me a sample of your work?

Cost and timing

–> I have 68 pages. How long do you take to edit work?

Easy to calculate

  • Allow 1 day for admin purposes: receiving document, placing document, doubling checking document, returning document.
  • Allow 10 pages per day for the first 100 pages.
    • So, for example, for 68 pages: 7 + 1 = 8 days.
  • Allow for 15 pages from page 101 onwards.
    • So if you had 146 pages: 10 + 3 +1 = 14 days.

In  reality we work at between 15-20 pages a day. The extra time is to read the text more than once, do lots of crosschecks, and check the formatting. We simply average it out so that you can calculate the time accurately and not expect miracles from the editor.

If an editor finishes early, any time saving is passed on to the student. We will return early. But never bank on it. It happens only occasionally.

Do you offer expedited rates?

No. Simply not fair to you or the editor.

Please explain the fees for a copy edit again

  1. $6 per page for a copy edit. A text page defined as 250-300 A front and back page is not calculated by the words, but by the page : e.g. title page, TOC, references, appendices. We will check the pagination and ask you to pay for additional pages if you have miscalculated the pages. If in doubt, send it to us for a quick page count check.
  2. No hidden costs.  LOL Editing works on a flat rate per page. This includes front and back pages, which often have lots of odd formatting and crosschecks and can take as long as a page of text.
  3. Always easy to calculate and know exactly what the cost will be when using a per-page rate. No need to wait for quotes. A per page rate is cheaper than a per word rate. And much cheaper than a per hour rate. If any aspect of an edit is difficult, LOL Editing absorbs all the extra time and never passes it on. So a per page rate benefits students every time: gives you complete clarity on the amount you need to pay upfront.
  4. No extra payments appear unexpectedly.

Let me do some examples for you:

  • Per page rate: 250-300 (275 average) word average = $6
  • Per word rate of 3c per word: of say the same 250-300 (275) words = $7.50-$9.00 (275=$8.25)
  • Per hour rate of $3.00: where a person might average 100 words per hour = $7.50-$$9.00 (275=$8.25) OR MORE

Underpaying, shows no understanding for what is involved in a good edit. But do the math: $6 per page is excellent value.