Defining the Length of an Essay

Just a quick note on what length of writing lends itself to tutoring. One generally writes anywhere between 3-10 pages for a class paper. This is perfect for tutoring.

Language Online identifies 2 lengths:

  1. Short paper: 3-5 pages.
  2. Long paper: 6-10 pages.

Usually one would be doing a combination of long and short papers per course: e.g. a 6-week course could have 2 short papers and 1 long paper: so pay for the 3 papers together.

For papers much longer than 10 pages, editing might be the better option, with some aspects of the tutoring process. This would definitely be the case for chapters, mini theses, theses, dissertations. All Language Online edits include a separate bonus document explaining the main concerns of your work.

When is a good time to getĀ help? Immediately of course. The economic climate is hard. Be sure to give yourself lifelong skills, namely a good education and the confidence to write about anything.

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