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    1. Standard copy edit: $6 per page. This is the most common choice for everyday editing. This involves checking an already written document for spelling, grammar, consistency and accuracy issues, style, wordiness, general formatting, specific formatting (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) like tables and figures, citations, bibliographies, references, and footnotes.  
      NOTE: Copy editing does not include rewriting or reorganization.
      PS: This is a once-off edit.
      BONUS: Comprehensive feedback document if you wish to learn and understand the changes.
      • A REMINDER: you will be paying through the PayPal payment gateway.
      • There are 2 two options:
        • Your PayPal account if you have one or want to open one.
        • Your credit card. It probably says something like: “Don’t have a PayPal account”. Click on link and go ahead and fill in all the required fields and pay with your debit or credit card.
    1. Content review/substantive edit: $15 per page. Useful where you are struggling with structural problems and you literally need help with reorganizing and rewriting.
      • For post graduate students this would be help with content and/or methodology. If you are struggling or you need help over and above your chair or mentor’s help, this ongoing editing approach is essential. Start the moment you realize this help is needed. Here your editor will help you restructure your chapters and guide you about what further research is needed. You will still maintain your academic voice AND do the work yourself, but you will receive detailed content help.
        Two-step process. First reading is a deep look at what is missing, what needs to be removed and what is inconsistent. Second readings checks that you have made adequate changes.
      • Frankly, this requires hard work from you and the editor.
      • Later, when all the content aspects are in place, you can choose to have a copy edit.
      • Essential that you email me first in order to decided if suitable for you: desray(at)languageonline.us.
      • And most times we prefer that your adviser/mentor/chair is aware of the help you are receiving from us.
      • For academic work, we do not automatically accept any student. We need to first discuss suitability. This is not a writing-for-you service and we need to be sure of your intention and ability.
      • All other genres: If having writer’s block or seriously concerned about the structure of your writing, this could be the answer.
        BONUS:  Clear feedback to help you develop and improve.

              Submitting and paying is a two-part process:

                Step 1: Submit using Cart Submit and Pay link. Then ignore the Copy Editing payment option ($6)           

Step 2: Instead return to the Submit | Additional Payments link           Choose the Content Edit button.           REMINDER: Update the Quantity/Number of pages section first before
paying. A page is defined as 250-300 words per written page or a front
matter or back matter page as is.


      1. Article editing: $8.00. Often one starts your journal submissions post your doctoral journey. Time to be published. You take aspects of your research and write articles for peer review publications. You still give us your best in terms of language and formatting, but we will research your journal of choice to ensure your layout is as they wish. Most journals have an aspect of a style like APA, Chicago, etc., but then have their own style preferences. We will research these preferences and ensure you have applied them consistently. The extra research time is factored into the fee.
        NOTE: This is essentially a copy edit and does not include rewriting or reorganization.
        PS: This is a once-off edit.
        BONUS 1: Full research of submission requirements and ensuring these style requirements applied consistently.

        BONUS 2:  Comprehensive feedback to help you develop and improve for future submissions.
      • Submitting and paying is a two-part process:

Step 1: Submit using General Submission link.Then ignore the Copy Editing payment option ($6)Step 2: Instead return to the Submit | Additional Payments linkChoose the Article Edit button.REMINDER: Update the Quantity/Number of pages section first before paying. A page is defined as 250-300 words per written page or a front matter or back matter page as is.

Recapping how to do a Copy Edit Submission?

    • First, read the general Guidelines page, as well as the specific Guidelines page if a student and your school is partnered with LOL. Following these guidelines will avoid email queries and delays.
    • Second, submit work from Submit | General Submission page.
    • Finally, two payment options both from the PayPal gateway:
      • Usually the PayPal account option shows first. 
  • Then below you get to click through to the credit or debit card payment page. Be sure to fill out all the fields carefully and pay.