Quick checklist for choosing your editor

The Language Online Ethos

This is what we strive to deliver in an edit:

  1. Clear English.
  2. Academic tone.
  3. Accommodate any school style or other preferences when supplied.
  4. Accurately apply standard formatting (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)
  5. Give a clear fee structure. Hedging is a bad sign.
  6. Give a clear timeline. Faster is seldom better in the long run. Be wary of super fast turnarounds.
  7. Have an editor or editing service that will keep walking the path with you until done.

If there is a website, the above information should always be clearly stated.

So here is what is on LOL’s website and what we offer:

  1. Flat fee: $6 per page. Do not skimp: pay for front and back pages. If you want a formatting, crosschecks and consistency checks, include all page. Now is not the time to be penny wise, pound foolish.
  2. Timing: 10 pages per day, plus 1 day for admin, maximum of 20 days if over 200 pages.
  3. Standard English norms, academic style, school style, and correct formatting.
  4. Comprehensive feedback document.
  5. Reliability: know that LOL will accompany you through as many edits as it takes to complete, however many years.
  6. A choice of payment methods: PayPal or credit card (through Setcom).
  7. Testimonials from satisfied clients.

As you can see, transparency is what LOL believes in. Some choices:

  1. Go read more on the LOL website right now.
  2. Click on the ShareThis button below. Email or share immediately.