Actual Tutor Comments

Not much from me today. I’ve experienced seeing steadily improving student writing myself. It is a very rewarding. Now I have the added advantage of being able to observe the same process with the online LOL tutors.

This is one student and her online tutor. I’ve simply included some snippets from ongoing feedback from the same tutor to the same student. A process of many weeks.

Can you see the pattern? I think the comments say more than just my explanations.


My feedback today addresses the organization of information in your essay, and I have provided a model of how you can reorganize your paper for maximum impact.

The outline looks much better without all the quotes. Good job!

You have created a good introduction, so now need to create a conclusion. See my feedback in your paper for guidance.

I like your use of headings to delineate your main points and to show your instructor that you are answering each of her main questions clearly.

Here is the final review of this essay. You have done well to implement most of my content feedback. Great job!

Wow, you have certainly been working hard to complete all these assignments!

Well done on achieving full marks for your assignment!

Here is your reviewed … essay. Nice job on this essay … you are definitely improving in making your meaning clear!

Another good effort and such an interesting topic! Although I have read quite a few essays on …, his skill and determination amaze me anew each time.

Great to see that you are implementing my feedback from previous assignments into current assignments! Nice job on the pronoun-antecedent agreement in this paper…I think I spotted only one mistake in this area.

Good work with those citations! You are really getting the hang of citing and referencing in APA style.